Below is a partial list of clients...

1st National Bank of Newtown (Commercial)                                                                                      Independent Blue Cross (Commercial)

123 Broad St Condo Assoc. (Apts/Condo)                                                                           Philadelphia Inquire (Commercial)

Lake Investment Company (Commercial)                                                                                            J.S. Cornell (General Contractor)

Athenian Property Management (Property Management)                                                               Keating (General Contractor)

Wolfe-Scott Associates (General Contractor)                                                                                      Keast and Hood (General Contractor)

1401 Condominium Assoc. (Apts/Condo)                                                                           Kennedy Warren Apartments (Apts/Condo)   

Scully Management (Property Management)                                                                                      Kennett High School (School)

ADF Engineering (Engineer)                                                                                                                   LaSalle University (College/University)

Abriola Co. (General Contractor)                                                                                                           Dranoff Properties (Property Management)

Academy of Music (Commercial)                                                                                                           Stonehenge Advisers (Property Management)

American Heritage Credit Union (Commercial)                                                                                 Lower Merion School District (School)

Academic Properties Inc (Property Management)                                                                              Methodist Hospital (Hospital)

Athenian Properties LLC (Property Management)                                                                             Moore College of Art (College/University)

Jones, Lang Lasalle (Property Management)                                                                      Moss Rehab (Hospital)

The Barnes Foundation (Commercial)                                                                                                  National Liberty Museum (Commercial)

Baxter Healthcare (Pharmaceutical)                                                                                                     Neshaminy School District (School)

Philadelphia Water Department (Government)                                                                                 Norristown School District (School)

Brandywine Reality Trust (Property Management)                                                                           Council Rock School District (School)

Bryn Mawr College (College/University)                                                                                              North Penn Hospital (Hospital)

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church                                                                                                            O'Donnell & Naccarato (Engineer)

Bucks County Technological Park (Commercial)                                                                                Oak Lane Presbyterian Church

Cabrini College (College/University)                                                                                                     P. Agnus (General Contractor)

Joseph B. Callaghan, Inc (Engineer)                                                                                                     Paoli Hospital (Hospital)

CAMCO (Property Management)                                                                                                           Paul Restall Co. (General Contractor)

Cancer Treatment Center of America (Hospital)                                                                                PECO (Commercial)

Cannon, USA (Commercial)                                                                                                                    Penn Presbyterian Hospital (Hospital)

Capitol; Health (Hospital)                                                                                                                       Phila. Federation of Teachers (Commercial)

Cedar Shopping Centers (Commercial)                                                                                                Phila. Forensics Science Center (Commercial)

Chestnut Hill Hospital (Hospital)                                                                                                          Philadelphia Parking Authority (Commercial)

Chester School District (School)                                                                                         Philadelphian (Apts/Condo)

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Hospital)                                                                                   Princton MEdical Center (College/University)

Colliers International (Property Management)                                                                                  Radnor House (Apts/Condo)

Colonial Penn (Commercial)                                                                                                                   Ritz-Carlton (Hotel)

Community College of Philadelphia (College/University)                                                               River Park (Apts/Condo)

Contemporary Village (Commercial)                                                                                                    Ross Commons (Apts/Condo)

Cushman-Wakefield (Property Management)                                                                                    Roxborough Memorial Hospital (Hospital)

CVM Construction (General Contractor)                                                                                             Seaport Museum (Commercial)

Delaware Valley College (College/University)                                                                                    Shriners Hospital (Hospital)

Delaire Landing (Apts/Condo)                                                                                                              Smith, Kline, Beecham (Commercial)

Easton School District (School)                                                                                                             St Mary's Medical Center (Hospital)

Elkins Park Hospital (Hospital)                                                                                                             Sun East Credit Union (Commercial)

Elliot-Lewis (Property Management)                                                                                                   Susquehanna Bank Center (Commercial)

Philadelphia Fire Dept (Government)                                                                               Target Stores (Commercial)

Norristown School District (School)                                                                                                     Travistock Condominuims (Apts/Condo)

Robert Morris Management (Management Co)                                                                                 TBS Srevices (Engineer)

Equivest (Management Co)                                                                                                                     Shepard Restoration Engineers (Engineer)

First Trust Bank (Commercial Property)                                                                                              Tenth Presbyterian Church

Fox Chase Cancer Center (Hospital)                                                                                                     The Castings (Apt/Condo)

GE Financial Services (Commercial)                                                                                                     YMCA (Commercial)

Girard Medical Center (Hospital)                                                                                                          INTECH (General Contractor)

Granary Associates (Commercial)                                                                                                         West Chester University (College/University)

Grandview Comdominuims (Apts/Condo)                                                                                          West Point Military Academy (Government)

Haverford College (College/University)                                                                                                Walnut Street Theatre (Commercial)

Holy Redeemer Health (Hospital)                                                                                                         Wise Property Management (Property Management)